Q:What should I prepare for registration?

A:Nothing. All you need to do is fill in the registration form on the internet. It will take you just 1 minute to complete it.

Q:Are there any conditions for registering?

A:You have to be 20 years old or over, nothing else is required.

Q:Are there any expenses involved?

A:The system is free for submitters. No participation fee, registration fee, and etc. will be charged.

Q:What is the flow after registration?

A:Within 3 business days after registration, we will send you an email with the explanatory website for Japan Info writers link attached. If you do not receive any email from us, please re-submit the registration form.

Q:Are there any additional procedures to complete before submitting articles?

A:You can begin submitting articles immediately after reading through the explanatory website.

<Work Description>

Q:What is the content of the work?

A:The work involves writing and curating articles in English on topics related to Japan. Your favorite tourist locations, culture, anything – the topic is up to you, as long as it is about Japan.

Q:How do I send the articles?

A:After you register, we will notify you of an upload page from which you can send your articles. All the steps can be completed online.

Q:Do I need to commute to a workplace?

A:All work is done online and can be done from any place you want.

Q:Is there a quota for the number of submissions?

A:There is no quota. You can work at your own pace.

Q:Is there a quota limit for the number of submissions?

A:We do not have a quota limit.

Q:I cannot download Evernote App because my PC has an older system. How can I write an article?

A:You can go to Evernote website at https://evernote.com/, sign up and write an article online in your browser. You do not need to download the App.

<How to write an article>

Q:What kind of articles should I write?

A:Article topics need to be related to Japan. Your favorite tourist locations, food, culture, anything. Please refer to the articles published on Japan Info website.

Q : Is any topic related to Japan acceptable?

A:Yes. However, the article will not be published if we find any violation of the public order and morality, too many violent expressions, or if we decide that the contents are not suitable for Japan Info website. Moreover, the articles that closely resemble other existing articles on Japan Info will not be accepted.

Q:Can I submit the same contents that were on my blog after deleting my blog?

A:Unfortunately, the articles that you’ve once posted online are not acceptable, even if the original post is deleted from your blog. This is because, even though you delete your articles, the search engines will remember your content and regard your Japan Info article as a COPY. Therefore, please only submit new original articles.

Q:After submitting an article to Japan Info, can I submit it to the other websites as well?

A:No. After submitting your article, the content ownership will belong to Japan Info. We do not allow any submission of Japan Info contents to other websites without our permission.

Q:How do I indicate my personal photos in an article draft?

A:If the pictures are taken by you or come from your Facebook, please write “Author’s photo” instead of a URL. (If you would like to add copyrights to your photos, please put the watermarks on them in any preferred way).

Q:What should I do if I do not have any photos?

A:If you can not use your own photos in your articles, please choose the pictures from the internet and add the original source link.

<After the article is submitted>

Q:I’ve already submitted my article, but I want to revise some sentences. How can I do that?

A:If the articles hasn’t been published yet, just revise the contents in your Evernote’s draft whenever you want. You do not need to resend your article via the submission form.

Q : Should I keep Evernote’s drafts after submissions?

A:We would like you to keep the drafts in Evernote. We cannot access the notes once you delete them. The establishment of a new system for the direct Japan Info article submission instead of Evernote is in progress. Thank you for your patience.


Q : How can I know whether my article was published?

A:We will normally send you either of the following emails;
-The email that informs you that your article was published. This also means that you get a pending payment.
-The email that informs you that your article was not published and the reason for that.


Q:How much do I get paid?

A:We pay ¥1,000 for each published article. Also, some additional reward payments are made to a writer of the most popular article, or a writer selected as ‘Best writer of the month’.

Q:How do I receive my payment?

A:When your pending payments reach ¥5,000 or more, you can submit an application for payment on our explanatory page. The pending amount, minus a handling fee of ¥500, will be paid by the final business day of the next month via PayPal or bank transfers (Japanese domestic accounts only). Also, please note that an additional 5% handling charge is automatically added when making a payment via PayPal. For more details about the handling fee, please refer to the PayPal website.

Q:How long does it take to get a pending payment (balance) after an article is submitted?

A:You get a pending payment after your article was PUBLISHED. We will inform you via email when your article was published. Receiving this email also means the money is now on your balance.

Q:How do you calculate my payment amount?

A:The amount is calculated based on how many articles were successfully PUBLISHED, and pending rewards for ‘Most popular article’ or ‘Best writer of the month’ if applicable, on the moment of your payment application.

Q:Is there any system where I can check my pending payments?

A:The system in which all the writers will be able to check their article’s status online directly will be built in near future. If you would like to check the pending amount, please feel free to contact us.

Q:I do not live in Japan. How can I receive my payment?

A:You can get your payment via PayPal if you are abroad.